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Welcome to diver-bike.ru

This is the site of AQUA STAR company. It is dedicated to romantics and adventurers, thrill-seekers and just people who are accustomed to strive forward. Our modern technological world has not bypassed the amateurs and professionals of the underwater world. At the present a large number of companies engaged in production of modern equipment for diving. Company AQUA STAR has developed and established Russian first underwater motorcycle for the purpose of even more greater number of people were able to plunge into the wonderful world of silence. In just a few minutes, the man is able to master the management of underwater motorcycle and make a fascinating underwater walk. By controlling the apparatus, you can enjoy an unforgettable flight in zero gravity, stopping and hovering at the desired place.
Grandparents, children and adults, those who have never dived with scuba, were riding on our motorcycle. The purpose and the goal of our company - to bring nearer the distance between the people and the ocean, to make the underwater world more accessible to the laymen.

The "AQUA STAR 2" brand is absolutely new submersible, not similar to its predecessors. The idea of creating of easy to operate and reliable travel underwater vehicles was underlained in its elaboration. Every year, lots and lots of people from all over the world visit the coastal resorts, and only 18% are able to learn diving and get a chance to admire the underwater world. The "AQUA STAR 2" rases these bounds. Now 90% of the public can dive under the water at 12 meters freely. Together with a specially trained instructor pilot you will be able to enjoy the world of silence. read more ->>