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5D aircraft simulator.

Attraction simulator aircraft DTX VR 
Designed for parks and entertainment centers. Today it is the most promising attraction for the next 10 years. During the operation of the attraction showed a large range of visitors. Which is very important.
The simulator runs from 220 volts.
There are two versions of the dynamic platform. To choose from.
1. Pneumatic on air cushions. Very realistic conveys the feeling of flight.
2. Mechanical on the servomotors. 
The simulator is quickly installed and easily transported even on a trailer from a car The game system includes a powerful computer that allows you to participate without any brakes in air battles War Thunder.
Our attraction simulator is easy to adapt to viewing 3D and use it as a 3D cinema on a dynamic platform.
The DTX simulator is a 100% immersion into the virtual world.

The company AQUA STAR developed a racing simulator attraction DTX
DTX is designed for use in parks and malls. DTX most modern of the existing road simulators for today. DTX is 100% adrenaline. Man get an unforgettable experience, the feeling of speed and drive that I want to repeat again and again. The design features the most advanced stereo technology, which help you to plunge into virtual reality, and vibration, and the effect of the wind (nitro) made to feel furious pace.

2 m long. 60 cm.
width 1m. 70 cm.
2 seats. the pilot and the passenger. (Which is very important for the payback.)
Age clients from 5 years to 100 years. (Which is very important for the payback.)
The weight of passengers up to 100 kg.
Image 3D (shutter glasses)
Deflection system (own development company AQUA STAR)
Amplifiers presence (vibration, wind, sound effects)
Air Conditioning.
Working time is not limited.
Voltage 220V
Simulator DTX will be a good decoration for any park or entertainment center.
The cost of the simulator 1200000 rubles.

The experimental model is being tested in the amusement park.

We have developed an attraction is the world's first analogue simulator where NASA trained astronauts to fly to the moon and other planets. The attraction has been tested in summer 2015 in the Park Poddubny in Yeisk.
Among those wishing to find themselves in the role of major groups of astronauts turned out of course children and young people. To re-experience the feeling of weightlessness some customers back repeatedly. With an average session time - 6 minutes, and cost fun - 150 rubles, original record was the hour and a half trip the young man did not want to change because he liked the lunar gravity on the Earth. Attraction mobile. Easily disassembled and transported by vehicle type gazelle.
Для работы аттракциона требуется электропитание 220 вольт или автомобильный аккумулятор 12вольт.

Our company has been developing in parallel gaming devices based on 3D technology.
We have developed an interactive simulation of air to air mobile platform fully conveys the feeling of flying on an airplane.
Participants are controlled flight rejecting the helm in different directions.
A simplified control system (the steering wheel). Easy to handle child 5 years.
Volumetric 3D stereo, creates a feeling as if you look at the world through the window and see the earth somewhere below, and the system vibration and wind cover the picture of reality.
Manual air deflection system, specially developed by our company.

Length 2.5 m.
The width of 1.7 m.
The height of 2 m.
Power supply 220V Q2 h.
Number of passengers 2 people.
Time is not limited to skiing.
The weight of passengers up to 100 kg.
Age from 5 years to 100 years (which is very important).
The screen size of 1.5 m width 1.2 m height.

Simulator test a large number of pilots. The most positive reviews.
The simulator can be used for initial training of flight personnel.
Now profit simulator reaches the level 5 D theater.
Many people come to ride several times (very important).
In the world there are no analogues, and everyone wants to fly.