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SKY STAR (a subsidiary of AQUA STAR) is developing a passenger, flying vehicle (a flying car). In our time, high speeds, people often have to move from place to place. The ordinary car no longer meets the needs of modern man. Huge traffic jams and low-quality roads became the main problem for motorists. Solve this problem will be available, reliable and easy to manage aircraft with vertical take-off and landing.

Our company develops the SKY STAR device meeting all these requirements. SKY STAR is a hybrid of a quadrocopter and an airplane. Such a scheme allows for takeoff and landing on a helicopter, and the presence of wings gives all the advantages of the aircraft, speed and energy savings.

The hybrid (petrol) power plant supplies electricity to 8 electric motors that rotate the propellers and provide the apparatus with a lifting force.

With vertical displacements SKY STAR is controlled as a quadcopter.

After take-off, the device goes into flight mode by airplane.

During a horizontal flight, the rudders of the direction located on the rear ring fans help to control the device.

The pitch rolls in horizontal flight are carried out by turning the rear ring fans.
On the wings are ailerons to control SKY STAR in a horizontal flight.

The participation of a person in the management of SKY STAR is minimized, which makes its use accessible to a large number of people.

The main control function is carried by the on-board computer (autopilot). The passenger only needs to specify the route, flight parameters, and the flying car will deliver it to the destination.

For safety of use, some control systems are duplicated and have a high degree of reliability. In critical situations, the ballistic parachute system is operational (BPS).

In the coming years, many types of flying devices of this type will appear on the market. But mostly it's foreign developments. Our company is developing this project to keep up with the times and make people's lives more comfortable and better. The scope of this development is very wide, and in the not-too-distant future, flying cars will become as common as ordinary cars.

We invite investors to take part in this project, and in 2 years the first flying car will be launched into the sky.